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for BSc MSc and PhD Studies at St. Elisabeth University European Union in Health 


St Elizabeth Univ (Est 1916 ren 2002) has national and international accredited 92 programmes in nonmedical health sciences in 10 countries
English, German, Slovak,Czech language, with 10200 students , 2250 foreign from 22 countries worldwide.
SEU Is a member of EUA-European University Association in Brussels and Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna

We offer

BSc 3-4 years , fulltime tution fees 3940 EURO/year, part time tution fee -25%
in nursing,social work in healthcare, sociology ,psychology,dental technics,laboratory medicine, physiotherapy, emergency rescue med,nutrition,public health,

MSc 2 years,fulltime tution fees 4450 EURO/year, part time tution fees -25%
health management and administration,med technology, public health,nursing,social work in healthcare,physiotx,tropical

PhD 3 years fulltime tution fees 5900 EURO/year, part time tution fees -25%
nursing,med technology,public health

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