St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work

Signatory of Magna Charta Universitarum Bologniese, Member EUA - European University Association Member SUSW – International Society of Universities in Social Work

Vladimir Krčméry MD PhD FRCP FACP ScD 

Professor and President of St. Elisabeth University 

"Out of 6 billion of people living in the world, 4.8 billion live in developing countries. Approximately one and a half billion suffer from hunger, two billions suffer from tuberculosis, 600 million of people get malaria every year and around 50 million people are HIV positive. Tens of millions of children die every year to one of the three most frequent infections. Another ten millions die of hunger. At the time of our last judgement it would be better to have our patients on the side of our defenders rather than accusers."

Vladimír Krčméry

HonD Rector Magnificus St Elizabeth Univ