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The long term mission of our university is to educate professionals for missionary, humanitarian and development projects at home in Slovakia and abroad. Our main principles are rooted in the basic humanitarian principles, which is mainly respect towards dignity of every person, protection of life, and development of culture.
What the statistics' say about HIV/AIDS  40 000 000 people in the world are HIV positive.Out of which 25 000 000 is living in Africa.10 000 000 children and adolescents are suffering from HIV.17 000 000 orphans left by their parents who died from AIDS.1 000 000 die every year because of AIDS.3 000 000 people died since HIV/AIDS was discovered.50% of newly infected are adolescents every year.In sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS is the most common reason for death for those aged from 15 - 49 years. Africa has 15 000 000 orphans left by their parents who died from AIDS.80 % of those infected are women.The death rate of those suffering from AIDS in countries of the third world is almost 100%, while in the rich countries of the West the death rate is lower then 10%These are some of the reasons why is our University of St. Elizabeth taking part in healthcare projects in developing countries which are fighting with HIV virus.

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