About our University

"Out of 6 milliard of people living in the world, 4,8 milliards is living in developing countries. Approximately one and a half milliard is suffering from hunger, two milliards is suffering from tuberculosis, 600 million of people get malaria every year and around 50 million people are HIV positive. Tens of millions of children, who could change this situation, die every year to one of the three most frequent infections. Another ten millions die of hunger. It is better to have our patients during the last judgement on the side of defenders rather than offenders."

prof. MUDr. Vladimír Krčméry, DrSc.
Founder and Rector of St. elisabeth Unversity of Public Health and Social work, n.o.

Our university principle is to work in the spirit of Christian humanism with a focus on the basic principles of Christian health ethics and to spread the message of St. Elizabeth (born in Bratislava): to serve the sick and the poor regardless of race, nationality and religion.

The long term mission of our university is to educate professionals for missionary, humanitarian and development projects at home in Slovakia and abroad. Our main principles are rooted in the basic humanitarian principles, which is mainly respect towards dignity of every person, protection of life, and development of culture.